Comic Relief - Red Nose Day

Let’s be funny for money...!

Red Nose Day has now been around since 1988 and is back again this year so that people across the world can come together to raise money by doing something funny to help those in need across the UK and Africa.

There are lots of events that take place on the television, in the workplace and also in schools to help fundraise, motivate and support people towards a common goal. One of the main ones this year is to ‘make your face funny for money’ whilst also incorporating the ever famous Red Nose!

Schools will be carrying out lots of events across the week as well as on Friday to help raise money for this great cause. These will be events such as talent shows, face parades, cake sales, class challenges, comedy shows, holding assemblies and teachers are also expected to get involved with the fun alongside students.

As well as fundraising events there is huge educational value to Red Nose Day where schools can carry out activities to teach young people the importance of helping others. This can be accomplished through watching videos, making resources, creating campaigns to encourage others to help and much more. Baking, arts and crafts, sport, where places are, dressing up and drama are all included in the fundraising which makes the cause even more worthwhile.

By helping to raise money through taking part in Red Nose Day is schools, we will be helping 300,000 children across Africa have the chance to receive an education and a better way of life. What’s more, the UK government are going to double the money raised!! So, what are we waiting for? Let’s be funny for money!





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Posted By: Maidstone - 9th Mar